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2019-2020 Program Information

2019-2020 Mission Statement

Our primary purpose is beach volleyball skill development for elite female athletes ages 18 and under. The 2019-2020 team will focus on skills and strategies to take your game to the next level. 

2019-2020 Details

  • 11/3/19-8/21/20

  • Practices @ Highline Arena, Aberdeen, NJ
    Tuesdays/Fridays 6-8:30pm
    Sunday Nights - 5:00-7:30pm (unless we are traveling)
    Summer practice schedule - TBD

  • Strength and Conditioning with Aresio Souza of Kronos Performance and Recovery

  • Coaching at approximately one tournament per month (entry fees/travel not included)

  • Stars and Stripes Performance shirt printed with name/grad year included

  • Guest coaches/speakers 

  • $3750 for November-August ~ monthly payments available
    Tryout fee applied toward total!
    $1000 discount for returning 2020 graduates
    $300 discount for players eligible for 12U

  • If you do not make the 2019-2020 SAS team, but still want to pursue beach volleyball, the Highline Arena offers 10 week instructional programs during the fall, winter and spring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the 2019-2020 program different from last year's winter team?

We believe the program we have established for this year will increase the intensity and elevate all of our players higher than before. We expect that all players will be challenged and given the space, tools and attention they need to improve their game.

  • Play in SAND every practice!
  • 3 practices every week! (unless team is travelling)
  • More courts available for each practice means:
    • more reps per player
    • less queens/speedball
    • increased focus on technical skills + strategies
    • ability to truly implement courts differentiated by skill level so all players can improve 
  • More coaches at each practice to cover additional courts/give more attention to each player
  • Improved strength and conditioning program (details to follow-will have soon).
  • 1:1 meetings to discuss progress (skills, recruiting, goals, etc.) with all notes documented in google so all coaches + parent/player can access and follow through
  • Season includes November through August.