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Stay Fast Stay Strong

Workout Time!

You can maintain and even increase your strength and stamina at home with just your body weight and household items! 

If you want the at home strength program from Aresio (uses equipment) re-sent to you, let Meghan know. 

Otherwise use this time purposefully instead of just waiting around till we can practice again. Stay ahead of the pack with at home body weight workouts DAILY!

Casey Patterson's AVP Workout

Run through 3 times.

Casey Patterson's AVP Workout

Use your parent's Facebook account if you don't have one so you can see Casey's demo video.

Reid Hall Volleyball Workouts

Reid Hall's YouTube channel is full of volleyball specific workouts to help players increase strength, power, vertical and speed, while reducing the risk of injury. 

You can subscribe to his Covid 19 At Home Workout Series or check his channel out at the link below.